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ambyrhodes's Journal

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  • ambyrhodes
i dont post in this journal. im a fairly private person. i use this to post in and read communities. feel free to msg me on aim.
1980's, 80's music, a clockwork orange, abba, aim, andrew mccarthy, anime, anime conventions, antidepressants, aqua, arkaniod, bad relgion, band, bangles, battery, beastie boys, beatles, billards, billy boyd, bowie, bowling, brat pack, breakfast club, brobdingnagian bards, caffine, cards, celtic music, chats, chess, coffee, computers, cookies, cosplay, cowboy bebop, cymbals, danny elfman, david bowie, ddr, dig dug, dominoes, double reeds, drumlines, duct tape, duct tape clothes, duct tape crafts, duran duran, egl, ewan mcgregor, faire music, fan fiction, fishnets, foxtrot, freezepop, full metal alchemist, galaga, gay rights, geeks, gothic lolita, heroes, house, house m.d., house/wilson, housexwilson, intellegent conversation, intellegent people, internet jokes, judd nelson, kilts, lord of the rings, lotr slash fic, love, manfred mann's earth band, marimba, memes, merry brandybuck, mindless self indulgence, mis-matched clothes, moulin rouge, murray head, mushrooms, music, naps, nerds, nes, new order, nick rhodes, nine inch nails, oboes, oingo boingo, online quizzes, oscar wilde, percussion, pervy hobbit fancying, pet shop boys, peter/nathan, pints, pippin took, pippin/frodo, plaid, playing music, poetry, pool, porn, pretty colours, rainbow brite, ramen noodle soup, reading, red hair, ren faire, rocky horror picture show, royxed, science, sewing, simon lebon, simpsons, skating rinks, slash, slash fic, sleeping, soft cell, speed skating, st. elmo's fire, stanley kubrick, stepmania, steppenwolf, steve miller band, styx, super mario 3, the breakfast club, the new guy, they might be giants, third eye open, tolkien, tool, toy-box, trainspotting, vintage, weird al, weird science, white chocolate